Ladies and Gentlemen, live entertainment is alive and well on a stage near you. The RESISTORS are more than a band, they’re musical ringmasters who will involve your audience, whatever the occasion! Available as a trio up to a ten-piece showband, The RESISTORS get the air cracking with excitement as personality, variety, and FUN flow from the stage!

Plug in the FUN!

The RESISTORS are accomplished musicians with a gift for finding YOUR frequency. With a turbo-charged songbook ranging from rock to blues to the best party hits, the RESISTORS are able to “tune in” your audience and turn on the juice! All age groups and all musical tastes will find something to love, making the RESISTORS the perfect entertainment for weddings, corporate or civic events. But wait! They also bring outrageous fun to the most unlikely place: Your job!

Takin’ Care of Business

Corporate events are another big focus of this versatile group, and not just as the evening’s entertainment. The RESISTORS are able to develop motivational and theme shows and actually become important presenters at your convention, recognition dinner, anniversary, grand opening, or corporate event–kind of like a funky keynote speaker with a great beat! Whether you want to reward your customers or perk up your troops, the RESISTORS love coming to work with you! Learn more here, or send an email for more info.

How can you RESIST?

Sure, you can take our word for it, or you can see and hear the RESISTORS in action–right here on this website! Follow our Audio/Visual link to see our brand new promotional video, or write us to receive a copy by mail on CD-Rom. For fun like you can’t remember, and a show you won’t forget, turn on the RESISTORS and watch the sparks fly!