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The best evidence we have that you’ll be satisfied with our services has to come from our past and current clients. On this page we’re happy to present a sampling of the letters and awards that we’ve received over the years.

Nothing Like the Real Thing

Of course, if you’d REALLY like to get a sense of what we’re all about, you can call or email us for a schedule of shows! Get the latest info at (612) 861-3570. And now, on to the letters!

ABRA Auto Body & Glass

Dear Richard–

On behalf of the entire ABRA Auto Body & Glass convention committee…THANK YOU, THANK YOU, a million times THANK YOU! I cannot imagine how we could have gotten more excitement to kick off our convention–especially at 7:30 AM!–than with the wonderful performance you and “Little Prairie” put on for us.

Your homespun lyrics were perfect–capturing the essence of ABRA, our philosophy, and management style. The music you selected was upbeat and guaranteed to get even the most rhythmically-challenged of us toe-tapping. And the way you and your band members got our management and team members involved in the spirit of it all was just spectacular.

I hope, Richard, that we will be able to work together soon. You helped make what can be a very stressful event much less painful because we knew we could count on your professionalism and enthusiasm. Please feel free to pass along my name and phone number (763-585-6240) on to anyone who is contemplating working with you. I will be more than glad to relay our experiences with you and your fine group of professionals. Thanks again!

Victoria Reinart
National Director of Marketing
Chair, ABRA National Convention

Union Label & Service Trades, AFL-CIO

Dear Mr. Erickson–

On behalf of the Union Label and Service Trades Department, AFL-CIO, I would like to personally thank you and the other members of your group for helping to welcome our exhibitors to the 2002 Union-Industries Show in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The Exhibitors Party the night before the opening of our annual Union-Industries Show is a time to get reaquainted with old friends and meet new ones and a way for this Department to thank our Show exhibitors. I can say without hesitation your enthusiastic show was enjoyed by all of us. Your efforts were key to a successful and enjoyable evening.

With kind regards, I am in solidarity–

Charles E. Mercer

Teddy Bear Band’s Friends Speak!

I have always been struck by your ability to engage children. Your music is fun and positive without being moralistic or “preachy.” The result is that children are entertained while at the same time affirmed about “being kids.”
David Walsh, Ph.D., Executive Director
The National Institute on Media & The Family

I love the Teddy Bear Band! They’re not about themselves and their performance, but they’re all about the kids. They engage children in active participation with their upbeat music, and they make every child go away knowing that they’re really special.
Martha F. Erickson, Ph.D., Director
U of M Children, Youth, and Family Consortium

Our Trophy Case

Here are some awards we’re especially proud of:

  • We’ve won the Family Favorite Award from Minnesota Parents Magazine every year they’ve conducted the contest–since 1988!
  • The Teddy Bear Band has received the Minnesota Music Academy’s award for “Best Children’s Music Artist,” a real honor bestowed on us by our peers!
  • We consider it a great honor to have presented for the National Association for Education of Young Children (NAEYC) many times over the years, from Atlanta, Georgia to Toronto, Canada.

Like to Hear More?

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